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Animation is the art by which two-dimensional drawings or inanimate objects are turned into moving visual representations of three-dimensional (3-D) life. Computer animation uses computer hardware and software to make the animation process easier, faster, and executable by less skilled and fewer creators. Although there used to be clear divisions among cartoon and feature film animation, visual effects, gaming software, 3-D animation, and GIF animation, these related forms of animation now often overlap.

Animation can be described as the creation of the illusion of motion through a rapid sequence of still images. Although the quality of the original images is important, equally important is the quality of the sequence through which action, character, and story development are portrayed. There must be a coherent pattern to the action. A common story structure introduces characters, a source of conflict, the development of this conflict, a climax, and finally a resolution. But an animated story can also be more fluid, including the creation of forms or simple images, some interaction of them, and then a transformation or transmutation , such as a smiley face turning into a frown or dissolving into the background.


Most basic animation principles and techniques were developed in the first twenty years of the twentieth century, and were perfected by the 1940s, particularly by Walt Disney, whose studios popularized the form through full-length feature films. Disney's impact on animation and the entertainment industry was profound. Ironically, his first attempt at an animated film production was a failure. In 1922, as a twenty-one-year-old commercial artist, he launched Laugh-O-Gram films in Kansas City. The company went bankrupt after a year. Fortunately, his creditors permitted him to retain one of his short features, which provided the basis for the launch of Disney Brother Studios in Hollywood. It produced the Alice Comedies, which featured a combination of animation and live action.


  1. Quash and Stretch, in which distortion is used in animated action to convey the physical properties of an object;
  2. Timing, in which actions are spaced so that they help portray the personal or physical characteristics of characters or objects;
  3. Anticipation, meaning that actions are foreshadowed or set up;
  4. Staging, through which the animator conveys ideas clearly through background, foreground, and action;
  5. Follow-Through and Overlapping Action, wherein the end of one action builds a bridge to the next action;
  6. Straight-Ahead and Pose-to-Pose Action, which are two primary ways of creating action;
  7. Slow In and Out, which refers to the animator's placement of the in-between frames to create various levels of sophistication in timing and motion;
  8. Arcs, a visual representation of movement that appears natural;
  9. Exaggeration, wherein an idea is emphatically represented through design and action that is not restricted to representing reality;
  10. Secondary Action, which refers to the action of an animated object or character that is caused by the action of something or someone else;
  11. Appeal, or audience-pleasing action, stories and visuals.


Highly sophisticated computer animation software packages with interactive graphics interface are used extensively in the modern day animated movies and educational presentations. Multimedia computer system comes with the provision of interactive audio-video visual effects, which produces superior quality 3-D animations. The eye-catching visuals and communications used in the modern day animated cartoons are quick and concise that allows even the smaller kids to gain a good understanding of the story and its characters.



In this Internet age, people’s viewing habits have changed from longer to short-form content, which is also expected to influence the way the animation is made in future. Virtual reality technologies used in the modern day animations are projected to become more mature, and the future of virtual reality is expected to make the animation status to equal that of live-action sequences. The perception of cartoons and animated movies has undergone a significant change, and they will be no longer restricted solely to kids.

Thus, in future live-action animated movies are anticipated to provide endless opportunities to their creators to use their imaginative skills and ideas, which make a lasting impression on the audience.

About us


National Youth Computer Saksharta Mission(NYCS) is a biggest computer based technology education platform in all over India. Now we(NYCSM) are the introduces better future maker courses like animation industry. Animation is an incredibly versatile medium that is widely used in many different forms today. Companies such as Disney have had enormous success producing animated children’s films for many years, and animated characters such as The Simpsons and The Flintstones have long been familiar visitors to our television screens. However animation is also a highly effective tool in marketing, advertising and even education, thanks to its unique ability to communicate messages in a highly memorable way.

Wish you all the best for better life and great future.

So if you want to be the best in the industry, learn from the masters...

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